Remediation and Reclamation of Brownfield Sites

It is well documented that government has encouraged the redevelopment of former industrial and brownfield sites, notably for residential and commercial development. This has been primarily due to the shortage of allocated green field sites and the continued shortage of new housing within the UK.

Clients looking to develop these sites are looking to reduce their exposure to remediation or ‘clean up’ costs by looking for ‘all risk’ design and build construction packages or back to back land deals where they effectively buy a Greenfield site after the site has been remediated by the seller or a third party developer.

The market is not restricted to residential developers – commercial and industrial developments are also often on previously developed sites. It is also anticipated that there will be further reclamation schemes undertaken by government organisations and local authorities to render sites suitable for re-development. Some of these schemes may involve second generation sites (ie: sites remediated previously but now requiring more strenuous suitable for use target criteria).

Scope of Activities:

  • Site Investigation and Appraisal
  • Site Clearance & Removal of structures above and below ground
  • Earthworks (Excavation, Filling, Compaction)
  • Ground Improvement techniques
  • Treatment of mine workings and shafts
  • Crushing, screening and re-processing of materials for re-use, engineered fills
  • In-situ or Ex-situ treatment of contamination (encapsulation, dilution, treatment, removal)
  • Treatment of impacted soils and groundwater
  • Soil reinforcement, stabilisation
  • Waste Management
  • Environmental management and monitoring